Surprise and Delight the Starbucks Way

TJ Waldorf
Reading Time: 1 minute

Mocha-frappa-latte-whatever. We don’t go to Starbucks for the $6 cups of coffee. We go because they are so good at creating an enjoyable, creative, and memorable customer experience. And they are so damn consistent.

Want to know how they do it? You’re in luck. Joseph Michelli reveals the coffee kings fundamental principles in the book ‘The Starbucks Experience’. And I’ll share some of the nuggets here as well.

  1. Create Personal Experiences: Remember customer names, orders, and kids names. The more you can learn about an individual customer, the better you’ll be armed to delight them.
  2. Anticipate Needs: The days of waiting for customers to tell us what they want are quickly ending. Customer expectations are shifting towards “you should know what I want, I come in here all the time”. This principle does not only apply to basic transactions, but to emotions as well. Seek out the unexpressed needs and address them- You’ll WOW your customers.
  3. Pay Attention to the Details: Do not….and I repeat….DO NOT overlook the details. Customers will surely notice. Don’t take the small stuff for granted because it adds up to the sum of the overall experience you’re delivering. And for goodness sake, keep your restrooms spotless.

TAKE ACTION: Ask yourself what your company is doing to surprise and delight your customers, both systematically, and spontaneously.

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