Mind Push-Ups

Multi-vari analysis, statistical process control, Chi square, Type I errors…….Phew! Over the last two months I’ve been studying to take the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification exam (CSSGB). If you’re not sure what six sigma is, go to to learn about it ;) The purpose of this post is not to teach you about six sigma, though.


The Best To-Do item you will ever find….ever!

At the very top of your new to-do list in 2013 should be this one, very powerful item. STOP DOING X [for X, insert a task that does not move you toward your goals] Seriously. I started, or should I say stopped, doing certain things that were holding me back and causing stress, and it’s


Don’t be an eight-percenter

Two more days until the new year is officially here. And that means…..lots of impending, or already decided upon resolutions. What’s yours? Here’s a glimpse at what ‘most’ Americans proposed to themselves in 2012, and my guess is that it’s not a whole lot different as we head into 2013 (thankfully we are still alive

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